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la Piazza di Carolina

la Piazza di Carolina

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Italian Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

It’s that time of year again and you don’t know what to buy Uncle Frank or Zia Francesca?? Don’t get your mutande all in a bunch, Italyville has you covered with a few ideas to help make your Italian relatives happier than your Nonno working in the garden!

1- My CalabriaRosetta Costantino has a winner with her new book “My Calabria” she recently sent me a copy and I was going to do a giveaway for it… but sorry amici this book is a KEEPER and staying on my book shelf!  It’s loaded with Calabrian recipes that your mother, nonna, zia, zio, cugina and any other Calabrese you know used to make plus much more.  If you’re Calabrese or know someone who is you can’t go wrong with this book and if you’re looking for that recipe from your childhood… it’s probably in here.

2- ABC Italiano: (by: Sonya Caruso) What a great gift for the little Italian in your life!  One of the biggest problems (in my opinion) with the Italian culture is that we eventually (over generations) lose the language.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t thank their parents for teaching them another language when they were young… I for one am super thankful to my parents for teaching me to speak Italian when I was young.  Get them started early!

3- Italian Language Classes: So your little bimbo has the basics down?  Take the next step and enroll them in Italian language classes!  Make it fun by having them enroll with their cousins or friends.  If you’re in the Yonkers, NY area, check out “La Piazza di Carolina” They have classes for kids of all ages.  Also check out your local Italian Cultural Center as they usually offer classes as well.

4- Meat Grinder: If someone on your list has been talking about making sopressata or maybe you wish they were…  Here’s your chance to to help them move in the right direction.  A meat grinder is a great gift and you’ll reap the benefits with fresh sausage and cured meats.  It’s also a great excuse for getting the family together… “time to make sopressata!”  Our family uses one similar to the one pictured below and it’s less than $100.  You’ll find it on Amazon, Target or most hunting/fishing stores like Bass Pro Shops or Cabella’s.

5- Wine Bottle Corker: Here’s a great gift for the homemade wine maker in the family (we bought this for my father a few years ago and he loves it!)  Everyone who makes their own wine thinks theirs is the best, so help them make it look a little more professional with a wine bottle corker and a bag of corks.  You can find them online or at most brewing supply stores.

I’ll be back soon with Part 2 of the Italian Holiday Gift Guide.

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2 comments to Italian Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

  • My Calabria is on my wish list!

  • casalba

    It’s a long time since I got my mutande in a bunch over Christmas – homemade foodie gifts are all I manage now. That said, there are at least two of your ideas that I personally would love to own or to give to loved ones.

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