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la Piazza di Carolina

la Piazza di Carolina

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Italian Holiday Gift Guide – Part 2

Still looking for a great gift for the Italians in your life?  Here are a few more Italian themed gift ideas that might help you out.

1- Adopt an Olive Tree: Adopt an olive tree from one of our groves in Calabria and we’ll send you the olive oil from your tree in the spring. It’s true, my two cousins and I started Tre Olive earlier this year… so here’s the shameless promotion!  You’ll receive a beautiful welcome package that includes: an adoption certificate, a photo of YOUR tree in a hard cover table tent so that it’s easily displayed, your tree is tagged with your name for the year, an informational brochure and a welcome letter from our family to you.  Then you’ll receive 3 liters of extra virgin olive oil from your tree in the spring.  Our family grows the olives, picks the olives and presses the olives in our mill in Calabria… so you can be sure that it’s 100% Italian and never outsourced to third parties.  Imagine the look on people’s faces when they try the olive oil from your adopted tree.

2- Marcus of Umbria: Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a small town in Italy?  Justine van der Leun’s book details her adventures about moving to Italy for love and ends up falling in love with a dog instead.  She gives us a look into country life in Umbria as she tries to adapt to Italian life.  A fun read!

3- Sauce Maker: Are you looking to make and jar your own tomato sauce next year?  or better yet, have someone else do it for you!  Here’s a great gift to help get them started.  We use this same model to make our sauce every year.  Once you make your own, you’ll never eat store bought again!  (you can find this model on Amazon for $49.99) Throw some mason jars in and they’ll get the picture.

4- Real Maps: I can guarantee you that the guy in your life will appreciate this stocking stuffer.  A good old fashion map that doesn’t show up on a computer screen is a great gift… if he doesn’t unfold it and start studying the map by the end of the day, let me know.  I’ll be shocked!

5- An espresso starter kit: Create a gift package with an espresso maker, cups and espresso.  There are plenty of options and price points… and you’ll probably reap the benefits the next time you visit.  Try Bialetti’s Mukka espresso maker if you want to be a little more stylish and illy has all sorts of collectible cups that are beautiful (although your wallet might will not like you.)

Mukka Espresso Maker by Bialetti

Photo By on Flickr

So what are you waiting for?  Get Shopping!

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Adopt an Olive Tree and receive the oil from your tree.