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la Piazza di Carolina

la Piazza di Carolina

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Italyville in-box

The in-box is full and I haven’t been doing a great job of getting back to everyone… it’s been a busy 2011 so far and I can’t wait for all this snow to melt away and enjoy some warmer weather!  I’m headed to Calabria in a few weeks so I’ll get a little reprieve from this brutal New England winter.

So what’s in the in-box?  Here are some highlights.

La Piazza di Carolina is organizing an amazing summer language program in Italy this summer for children and parents that includes learning Italian through singing, cooking, art, horseback riding and swimming! (there’s cooking and wine classes for parents too!)  Now that’s a great way to spend a summer vacation. Click here for details.

Borgo San Benedetto in Montaione (outside of Firenze) is the location of the summer language program

Colors Italiano: It’s here! It’s here!  Sonya Caruso followed-up her first Italian Baby book (ABC Italiano) with Colors Italiano. A wonderfully illustrated book for children that takes them through the names of colors in Italian.  A great way to help your child to learn Italian.  Great job Sonya!  We hope to have Sonya back on Italyville soon to talk about her new book but until then check out the Q&A post on her first book here.

BreakThru Radio in New York City recently had a performance from Andrea Parodi with Livia Ranalli that you need to check out called “La Ninna Nanna del Maggio”  Bravi Andrea e Livia! Check it out here.

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6 comments to Italyville in-box

  • I am headed to Italy in September and shall be checking your links out! 2011 has been busy indeed.

  • My son in law will be very jealous of you! He is from Calabria. My husband and I made dry-cured sausage Abruzzese style as my husband is from
    Abruzzo. My son in law made Calabrese style, but he was not sure of the ingredients and how to get the sausage the real red color. My sister in law is also from Calabria and she says she used to make a paste from hot peppers and that is what they used for the sausages. If you can find out for us (for next years sausage making) how and what they use in Calabria it would be fantastic! Have a fantastic time in Calabria!

  • Oh, how wonderful to be heading to Calabria. Have a great trip.

  • casalba

    Buon viaggio! Have a great time.

  • Thanks for the heads-up on Sonya’s new book, Joe. I will have to get that one for my great niece, who is learning her Italian ABCs thanks to her. Have a wonderful trip!

  • Hi Joe! Hope all is well….
    Thank you for sharing, very nice!!

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