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la Piazza di Carolina

la Piazza di Carolina

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Spring Eats

It’s a been a while!  Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the Spring. I’ve been out and about and all over the place in the last several months… keeping busy and not having much time to devote to Italyville but I hope that changes.  I did want to share a few of the best things I’ve eaten recently.

I’ve been in the woods looking for free food – The winter cress were delicious as usual! Some fresh bread and glass of wine and you’ve got a delicious light dinner or side… don’t forget to top it off with some extra virgin olive oil.

This dish blew my mind at one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco a few weeks ago: Pork skin spaghetti with morel mushrooms, fava beans and truffles.  If you haven’t been to Incato yet… GO!

I couldn’t stop eating my aunt’s sun dried black olives that were still sitting in the Calabrian sun… simply amazing.

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

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4 comments to Spring Eats

  • Those olives look amazing! My grandfather and great-grandmother used to go out in the dark of night and take olives off the trees at the U of A in Tucson. Then they would cure them and we would have olives for months! So wonderful – even if they did involve a little criminal activity!

  • I concur – those olives just beg to be tasted. If wishing were having…
    Just back from Chicago where I enjoyed so many taste treats that I cannot pick one.

  • Todd

    I can think of only three things I’ve eaten recently that would rate. First is burnt ends at Black Dog Smoke and Ale House, where there always is about an hour wait. Second is fresh cannoli at Pekara, although they always are out of small. Third is a duck pancake at House of Gourmet, this hole-in-the-wall Chinese place on the University of Illinois campus. I realize only one is even remotely Italian.

    Just glad this blog is alive and well.

  • Hi Joe, Love the Olive Oil “Primo”
    That dish with the vino is making my mouth water…
    All the best, Chuck

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