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The Sound of Trumpets

Black Trumpets that is… found these delicious little guys in a secret place near some trees by a road in the woods around the way.  You didn’t think I was going to really tell you where I found them did you?  If you haven’t eaten black trumpet mushrooms (AKA: horn of plenty mushrooms) you don’t know what your missing!  I’m the first to admit that they don’t exactly look all that appetizing but once you start to cook them and get the first aroma from these mushrooms, you’ll be hooked.  They are on the top of the list for many mushroom hunters and chefs alike and have a wonderful aromatic, buttery and nutty flavor that goes very well with pasta dishes.  Perfect for me since I LOVE mushrooms and I LOVE pasta!

The beauty of the black trumpet is that it doesn’t have any poisonous look alikes,  which is great for first time mushroom hunters (but as always, if you don’t feel comfortable with what you find, don’t eat it!)

Here’s a delicious black trumpet pasta recipe if you’re lucky enough to find these little treasures.

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh Black Trumpet Mushrooms chopped
  • Pasta ( I used gramigna)
  • 2-3 fresh cloves of minced garlic
  • 1/2 of a small onion diced
  • ground sausage meat (1/2 pound more or less)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of half&half or heavy cream
  • salt & pepper
  • grated parmigiano cheese

What you’ll need to do:

Start by simmering your garlic (which I got from my garlic supplier, Chef Chuck thanks Chuck!) and onions in some olive oil until the onions start becoming transparent.  Then add your sausage meat.  I used the meat from 4 sausage links that I had left over from a bbq and simply removed the meat from the casings.  Break the sausage meat into small pieces as you stir and let it cook until the sausage is almost completely cooked through.   Then add your black trumpets and continue cooking for 5-10 minutes.  When you’re ready to drop your pasta into the water (in a separate pot of course) add the half&half and salt & pepper to the sausage and black trumpets.  Let it simmer until your pasta is done cooking.  Drain your pasta and combine.  Top with grated parmigiano. Enjoy and buon appetito!

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11 comments to The Sound of Trumpets

  • This is just a thing of beauty. Never see trumpet mushrooms in MN. Sigh. Maybe it’s time to move.

  • Joe – Glad to see you’re back blogging – and with some great mushrooms too! I never learned to recognize mushrooms in the wild, but grew up eating the ones my father and brother would gather. nice to see you’ve got the same tradition.

  • casalba

    Oh yes! This is my kind of pasta. I’d have to omit the cream if making it for Daniele though!

  • Joshua

    I live in NJ and after all the rain from hurricane Irene and then rains from the remnants of the tropical storm washed down our sloping front yard, I was delighted to see dozens and dozens of Black Trumpets under a huge oak 15 feet from my front door! While my experience is fairly limited, I’ve quickly become knowledgeable about “Craterellus Cornucopioides” and the rushing rainwater is apparently one of the things that helps develop these delights. Seems it’s also among the favorites of many mycologists! Looking forward to cooking with them tomorrow – probably in this pasta recipe or something similar.

  • Bill

    Just got my first batch of trumpets in Western Mass, also near storm runoff. Never thought I would find any of these. Very excited to try them & hopefully find more in the future. Thanks for the pasta recipie.

  • Barbara

    Also just picked my first bunch, on a Fungi Foray with the Monadnock Mushroomers Fall Fungi Fest in Athol, MA. So, Irene did some good too. Will be looking for more this week.
    Going to do this recipe (thank you!) but perhaps with ground veal instead of sausage.

  • Hello Joe! Just returned from beautiful Italy, my food line is looking good!
    This dish is beginning to make my mouth water, love the combo!
    All the best thank you for sharing..

  • Hello Joe, I just made spaghetti and lentils and thought of you. This dish look fab. I’ve never had or even seen black trumpets, or at least I don’t think so. Love mushrooms too and looks like a great combo. Ciao ciao…

  • Hi! It’s mushroom season here. I’m drooling over this dish. I wish I had my dad’s homemade sausages to use. It would be perfect.

  • what is the best tasting mushroom to use for pasta?
    love pasta with plenty mushrooms and meat..

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