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la Piazza di Carolina

la Piazza di Carolina

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Hi Italyville readers… sorry for the extended absence but as I’m sure many of you can relate – life sometimes just gets in the way!  I’m hoping and planning on posting more often.

I wanted to share my recent New York City “Eataly” experience with you.  Eataly is a high-end Italian Specialty store started by Oscar Farinetti who partnered with Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich to bring it to NYC a few years ago.  The best way to describe it in my opinion is an Italian themed Whole Foods.  It may be a little pricey but for me it was a great experience because we have a hard time finding some of their quality items in my area.  I could spend the day looking at all the products and eating at the various shops/areas within Eataly…. so I did.

Next time you find yourself in NYC, stop in and check it out… would love to hear what you think of Eataly.

Mushrooms in the Mercato

Octopus – PolpoFresh PastaMacelleriaMaking Mozzarella in a Yankee’s Hat

Fresh Pasta




Making Mozzarella in a Yankee’s Hat


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9 comments to Eataly

  • Hey Joe,
    Great to hear from Italyville again!
    I LOVE Eataly! I too could spend the entire day there. It is a place where your senses are so stimulated. I have eaten in the pasta restaurant a couple of times and it was delicious. I went with my best friend Claudia who is from Alba in Piemonte, and immediately she recognized the special home-made pasta (I forget the name of them) that is indigenous to her region. The original Eataly is in Torino which is in Piemonte so many of the specialties are piemontese.

  • Hi Joe – Grand to hear from you. I’ve been absent a lot the last 4 months – so know how it goes. Went to Eataly twice last March. The foods charmed – but it was almost overwhelming. And while I did leave with a bag of ingredients, I confess to missing the Italian delis of yore – that were crammed and packed – and seemingly more accessible.

  • casalba

    I see that your favourite ingredients got top place in the photo order! Looks like a fabulous place. Great to see you back – I’ve been absent for well over a year – totally understand.

  • Gina

    I live in the NY area and have been to “Eataly”. I have to say that the food is fresh and there are some employees that are very knowledgeable about the items that are sold. The idea of the store is great because it’s broken out by region and does provide information about the region and the items sold. However, I did not like the set up of the store; I found it confusing. This is more of a tourist destination and I can understand why – it’s unique. The place is always packed with people, but I’ve never seen anyone do any substantial shopping (like you would see in a typical Italian specialty store). I attribute this to the fact that every item is terribly overpriced. What a shame. Real New Yorkers who purchase Italian specialty items know that it is not necessary to overpay for quality product; they just know where to shop. I also noticed that it is more of a place to “be seen”. And quite honestly, I’d rather shop with the “real” Italian-Americans in authentic shops and support the struggling small business owners, rather than support the Bastianichs and Batalis.

  • Joe – Great to have you back Joe. Sometimes life takes precedence and blogging must take a back seat. Glad you got a chance to go to Eataly. It’s a great place to visit as a tourist but not sure I’d buy a lot of specialties there.

  • Maryann xox

    Hey kid! You were missed!

  • Hello Eataly here in Italy is quite expensive, although still of very good quality!

  • Hello Joe!
    I hope all is well, for it has been a while.
    I enjoy the Eataly, it’s in our blood, feeling of home!
    I meet Lidia one evening at the Eataly, she is very nice…
    I have been working hard in the food distribution area on my food line is ready to go. Great foods from Italy !
    All the best, Chuck

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